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Production Incident

If you are experiencing API downtime and it is impacting an application in production, please contact the Pearson Technical Support staff by using the following page Support Request or call (877) 740-2213.

Start In The Developer Community

The best place to ask questions and get answers is the Developer Community. You'll find links to the Community in the left menu of most pages and in the Community menu above; there are also widgets at the bottom of API Reference Documentation. When you have a general question about the APIs, their capability or behavior, or asking about how to do something with them, please use the Developer Community.

Open a Support Request

You can reach the API Support team when:

  • You need a new configuration for your sandbox or application
  • You have a particularly tricky problem and can't find answers in our other resources
  • You need to share non-public information for your specific use case
  • You have a highly urgent issue that needs swift attention
  • You're interested in engaging our advanced services.
  • You just want to say hi.

To view your support request history, check on the status of an open request, or create a new one, visit the Support Portal.

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